What is CE?

The Nature of Continuing Education

Organizations that either provide nursing credit, like American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or State Nurses Associations, and those that recognize credit, such as certifying organizations and state Boards of Nursing, develop criteria to identify the educational content they consider continuing nursing education.


The Texas Board of Nursing defines continuing education in Board Rule 216.1 [12] as
…programs beyond the basic nursing preparation that are designed to promote and enrich knowledge, improve skills, and develop attitudes for the enhancement of nursing practice, thus improving health care to the public

Board rules and Nurse Practice Acts can be very general and require interpretation.

Continuing education MUST be
Information beyond that which is covered in basic nursing curricula
Related to patient outcomes / safe patient care

Continuing education CANNOT be INSERVICE
Information pertinent to a specific facility
use and care of medical supplies and equipment

Information related to growth and development of the nurse that does not have direct implications for patient care is NOT considering continuing education
Financial management
Stress relief for the caregiver
Health and fitness for the caregiver
Organizational skills
Similar personal growth and development education unless the presentation include specific applications to patient care.