Approver vs Provider

Terri Goodman & Associates is an APPROVED PROVIDER of continuing nursing education


APPROVERS and PROVIDERS are two different roles that are NOT interchangeable

APPROVING an activity is the more common approach to getting contact hours for an activity.  The process involves completing an application and submitting it to an APPROVER; The APPROVER accepts completed applications by a defined deadline, reviews them, negotiates deficiencies to achieve a level of comfort with the quality of the application, and then approves the activity for contact hours.  Approval is not a “done deal” until all identified deficiencies have been resolved, and there is always the possibility that the ultimate decision will be that contact hours will NOT be awarded.  On more than one occasion, a current client submitted an application to an approver and was awarded contact hours for some, but not all, of the presentations included in a conference.

Collaborating with a PROVIDER is an alternative….

A PROVIDER has earned the privilege of awarding contact hours for educational activities that the Provider has developed independently or has developed in collaboration with another organization.

Collaborating with a PROVIDER insures that contact hours will be awarded for the activity. The number of contact hours is determined at the outset of the process – as soon as the PROVIDER can evaluate the speakers and content to assure that they meet the criteria for continuing nursing education

The key to collaborating is in the TIMING.  The collaborative relationship must begin at the OUTSET of activity planning. A Nurse Planner from the Approved Provider manages the process from the beginning to insure that both content and speaker meet the criteria for continuing nursing education. 

The PROVIDER creates and manages the required activity documentation, the online evaluation, awards certificates, and manages the process of late submissions and validates requests for duplicate certificates.  This reassuring service costs a little more than submitting an application to an APPROVER.